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What is the Rusty Nail?

The Rusty Nail is a quite simply a website that people who hopefully have searched for the keyword phrase 'rusty nail' on the popular search engines Google, MSN, Yahoo or any other search engine, and have visited either because curiosity got the better of them or who by mistake visited here thinking they were going to find the ingredients to a well known popular alcoholic beverage containing scotch whisky called yes you guessed it a "Rusty Nail" or wanted information on tetanus.

Well to those people I apologise (Website links at bottom of the page) .

What Rusty Nail actually is, is a personal search engine experiment to prove to myself with my extensive knowledge of computers and the internet that I can actually get my website to the top of the search engines for an inanimate keyword phrase like "Rusty Nail", and successfully gain some targeted visitors to my website who actually visited a search engine and entered 'rusty nail' as a search term and clicked through to my experimental website, if you did this then well done by visiting my website you are a successful part of my experiment.

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The Goals of the Rusty Nail experimental website

Though my website experiment is about getting ranked highly for the search term 'rusty nail' on any search engine, my main goal is getting number one ranking for this search term on Google the most popular of all the search engines and the one that really unlocks your website to the world of 'more than ten visitors a day' websites.

Doing a quick search on Google for the search term 'rusty nail' has revealed a rather pleasing 1,460,000 websites that are currently indexed for this keyword phrase, these are actually my competition and such a small amount of web pages gives me great confidence that I can actually successfully do this.

What nearly 1.5 million website competition a small amount I hear you cry? Well anything below 10,000,000 pages is seemed quite low in competition for keywords and keyword phrases. So nearly 1.5 million is very low, type in a search term like 'red' and you will see real competition.

Another pleasing factor was when I used the Overture Keyword Selector Tool it revealed a very modest 1479 searches for the search term during August 2006 which equates to 49 visitors a day (1479 visitors divided by 30 days), this incidentally means about roughly 294 searches per day on Google (6 x Overture results).


The Building and Strategy of the Rusty Nail experimental website

The first port of call is the actual hosting of the website, in normal circumstances it is recommended to actually register an actual domain name containing the keyword or keyword phrase such as '' or ''. But because I really want to challenge myself and not wanting to really fork out cash for the hosting costs, I have opted to use a well known free web space site called to host my website '', quite often these sort of websites don't get indexed or rank highly due the fact that they are open to the abuse of spamming and many are frowned upon by Google and the other major search engines, so they should only really be used for personal websites and not for commercial purposes.

The next but the most important part of the experiment is writing and optimising the content of this web page for the search engines, I have included the term "Rusty Nail" in the URL of the website, several times in the text as you can obviously see, in the headers of the text, in the title of the web page, in the description tag of the web page, in the keyword tag of the website and even in the alt description tag of the Rusty Nail logo and picture. I will also include links to the current top ten websites for the search term 'rusty nail', the reason for doing this is to prove to the web-bots that my site gives important outgoing links to the "Rusty Nail" subject. This alone will send the text hungry search engine web-bots (when they have finally crawled my website) into a total frenzy that my site may actually be relevant to "Rusty Nail" and should with a bit of luck place my site highly.

I have decided not to exchange links with any other websites or submit my website to any of the free website directories, the reason for this is to monitor the effects not having incoming website links has on the time it takes for search engines to crawl and index a website and also to see how highly my website ranks with no website promotion if it is successfully indexed.

 I will also only be submitting the website to the three major search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN who have free submission services.


How the Rusty Nail experimental website will work

There are three parts to this experiment, which I would like to monitor the results for:

The first part will be to monitor how long it takes to be indexed in the three main search engines I submitted my website to.

The second part will be to monitor how high my site is currently ranking on each of the three main search engines for the keyword phrase 'rusty nail', once indexed in all three search engines I will record my search engines rankings then I will embark on a website promotion campaign exchanging links with other websites.

The third and final part will be to monitor how many of my website visitors actually found my website by visiting one of the search engines and used the search term 'rusty nail', this will be done by monitoring my visitors using the free statistical analysis found at, a totally free website tool which gives statistical data on website visitors such as country of origin, how the website was found, what pages have been viewed, how long the visitor stayed etc. Also included is keyword analysis, this tells me what keywords my visitors are using on the search engines to find my website, only the visitors who have used the search term 'rusty nail' will count towards my running total of visitors, the rest will be dismissed as an experimental failure.


The Important Stats for Rusty Nail experimental website

Stats Updated On: 19th November 2006


Submitted: 25th September 2006

Indexed: Y, page cached in Google on 8th October 2006

Ranking for 'rusty nail': N/A


Submitted: 25th September 2006

Indexed: Y, page cached in Yahoo on 1st October 2006

Ranking for 'rusty nail': N/A


Submitted: 25th September 2006

Indexed: Y, page cached in MSN on 25th September 2006

Ranking for 'rusty nail': N/A

Number of visitors that found the website with search term 'rusty nail': N/A

The Progress Diary for Rusty Nail experimental website - updated weekly

25th September 2006

Just completed the creation of the experimental website and have submitted the website to the three main search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN. The experiment wont officially start till October 1st 2006, it will run till either I get bored or I actually come up with an idea for a decent website. For now lets see how long it takes to be indexed, without any initial website promotion.

26th September 2006

I wasn't going to bother updating the site for another week but to my amazement my website has already been indexed by one of the search engines MSN, that means its took one day to get indexed.  I did a quick search for the search term 'rusty nail' but not surprisingly it wasn't in the top ten nor was it anywhere to be seen in the top 100, this shows how important it is to have incoming links from other websites with "Rusty Nail" in the link text. I shall start exchanging links in October when the experiment officially starts.

8th October 2006

Well its been a week since the experiment started and now Yahoo have indexed the site in their search engine which is nice, as with the MSN search engine my site does not rank highly for the keyword phrase "rusty nail" due to me not doing any website promotion whatsoever, my mission over the next month is to add at least 100 incoming links which have "rusty nail" in the link text pointing at my website to see if this will give my site any relevance whatsoever.  As I cant really categorise my site, I have decided to allow links from any category of site (excluding the usual filth), this may help my site get indexed on Google which is the only one out of the major search engines that has not indexed my website. Not surprisingly I have not had any visitors that have visited my site using the keyword phrase "rusty nail" in any of the search engines, so I shall wait another month to see how the rankings are going after I have been getting some incoming links.

9th October 2006

To my amazement my site has now been successfully indexed in the Google search engine, this proves that you can get indexed by the three major search engines within two weeks which is pretty good going. But simply optimising the web page and submitting the website to the search engines is not enough to get ranked highly for the keyword or keyword phrase you have optimised your pages for even if the competition is quite low.

This shows how important getting incoming links to your website is, to see how important over the next month I am hoping to get at least 100 sites pointing at my site with 'rusty nail' contained within the link text.

The main problem for new websites is getting incoming links from reputable sites, which is nigh impossible due to them not wanting to exchange links with sites with low Google PR ratings or low Alexa Rankings. Because I'm having to exchange links with sites that are not particularly my niche or category of website this may have a negative impact on getting my website ranking higher for my chosen keyword phrase, this is what my experiment is trying to find out.

21st October 2006

For the last two weeks I have been getting incoming links to my website from other websites and already I'm beginning to see some encouraging results, in Google my website is ranked at 32 for "rusty nail",  Yahoo and MSN is still a no show in the rankings (at least not in the top 100) so I may have to wait a little longer to see an impact in those search engines. I've currently had no visitors that have used the search term "rusty nail" to find my site, but hopefully this will happen one day.

30th October 2006

Well some interesting news this week my rank on Google for the search term "rusty nail" has dropped from 32 to a disappointing 92, also their is still a no show on MSN or Yahoo for my chosen search term, so I shall continue to gain incoming links from other websites which currently stands at about 45. I've had a few people visit my site using the search term "" and "rusty nail experiment" which of cause do not count towards my running total, but it is interesting to see visitors who are always welcome.

19th November 2006

My site has risen back up to 51 on Google which is better than a kick in the teeth, but still not the number one spot im aiming for, still not in the top 100 on Yahoo or MSN live which is rather disappointing will just have to keep those incoming links from other website piling up. My website got a mention on a post at WebProWorld, thanks to TrafficProducer for the incoming link.

26th November 2006

Its been a week since my last update and my website is not showing at all in the top 100 on Google, MSN or Yahoo which is rather disappointing, I have now decided to submit my website to some free website directories which have good Google PR rankings and will provide quality incoming links to my website, you can find a list of these web directories at, this lists not only free submission but also paid inclusion as well and comes with updated Google PR rankings.

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